On Saturday morning everyone slept in. Carina slept til after 8! We got ourselves ready, grabbed breakfast from the bakery at the Keeter Center and headed back to Oakmont for a swim with the Fosters. The men visited, Callen slept, and Kate, Dylan, Carina and I puttered around in the shallow end. It’s so funny for me to swim in that pool with my own daughter because I swam there so often as a child. Carina and Dylan were fun to swim with, each of them taking turns doing a new trick because they saw the other one do it. That was the first time Carina has ever asked to be dunked under water, and it was because Kate had just dunked Dylan.

After our swim we headed back to the hotel for a nap time. We were very pleased with our hotel accommodations, and it was a little nostalgic for me to be back on campus at C of O. After the nap, we headed out to the official family reunion gathering. My first impression of the event is one of awe. There were over 70 people at the reunion, not including the 5 unborn babies still riding around in various cousins’ tummies. I can’t believe I’m related to all these people. Next week my Grandma Perkins will turn 90 (the day before Carina turns 2), and Callen is currently the youngest member of the clan. It was nice to visit and catch up with familiar family, and to meet and learn about not-so-familiar family. One highlight for me was getting to meet Don Strutt, a family member that I’ve heard stories about all my life but had never met. I’m not even sure how we’re related, but it was nice to know that he really does exist.

The kids took part in an egg and spoon race, which Carina and Dylan led off. Carina carried her egg on the spoon for a few feet, but when she dropped it, she picked it up and carried it in one hand and the spoon in the other. Too funny! Everyone did an egg toss, and Craig and I made it into the last three teams, but due to some miscommunication and kids running back and forth between us, our egg died a gruesome death on a toss from Craig to me. I had egg literally from head to toe. I guess that just continued my theme of smelling badly at family events.

There wasn’t enough time to visit as much as I wanted, but I don’t know how there ever would be enough time. Maybe the next time there’s a major family event I won’t be moving! (Last year at this time when we were moving we missed my cousin Jeremy’s wedding)