In typical Rechkemmer form, it isn’t enough for us to just move across state lines over a weekend. We threw in a family reunion along the way just to keep it interesting. Although the festivities started earlier in the week, our little family was too busy getting ready to move to join the clan until Friday. Even then, it was just the kids and I, since Craig stayed behind in Ozark to supervise the movers. On Friday morning we headed down to Branson and met a large chunk of the reunion-goers at Cracker Barrel. There were 40-some family members there. It still amazes me that every time we have a large family gathering, there are people I’ve never met before. This time, there were at least 20 people that I had either never met, or had not seen since I was too young to remember. I was glad that we shared our dining table with Uncle Dick and Aunt Thelma, cousins Kate and Dan Foster, and their son Dylan, who is 4 days older than Carina. Rounding out our high-chair strewn 8 top was Mom, Lexie, and Cameryn.

From Cracker Barrel, we added Grandma Perkins and Carlie to our car load, and headed down to Grandma’s house. We said hello to Uncle Bob, Cousin Mike, and his kids before we all threw on our suits and headed to Oakmont for a dip in the pool. We met a few more “previously unknown” family members at the pool and enjoyed watching the little ones grow their swimming fins.

After our swim, since the kids and I were pretty much homeless, we headed straight into town for another big family meet up at Playtime Pizza. I wasn’t really looking forward to having to hug everyone whilst smelling of chlorine, but such is the case when you’re homeless because you’re moving and have no where to take a shower. Anyhow, on the way in I had to take a slight detour when I realized that we had not received a call from the mortgage broker to tell us how much $$$ to bring to the closing on our new house. I was a tad panicked when I realized this, as it was 4:30 on a Friday, our closing was scheduled at 8am on Monday, and I wasn’t sure where the nearest Great Southern bank was. After a few frantic phone calls, I got the dollar amount, found the bank, and got the check. Playtime Pizza was fun, but exhausting with trying to manage the two kids and already being quite tired. Callen isn’t exactly mobile, but hauling him around in his car seat is not fun.Carina did go on her first-ever go cart ride with Aunt Brook. I’m not sure if she liked it or not. She seemed unphased.

Finally, we went and checked into our hotel room at the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks, where I managed to get both the kids to sleep and then waited for Craig, who finally made it into town at about 10:30pm. Poor Craig – what a long day of packing, cleaning, and supervising.