Tonight is our last official night of sleeping in our own bed in our house here in Ozark.  We spent the day today with the Packers.  No, not those Packers.  The packers that came to pack up all our stuff.  It was a wild and crazy day, and an interesting process to experience.  I can’t say for sure that I’m sold on the concept of having someone else “move” you.  Some sense of efficiency (and control, which is important for control lovers like Craig and me) seems to be lost when the people who are packing the stuff aren’t all that familiar with the stuff they are packing.  One packer spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen, and it’s still not finished.  No really. And for some reason, at the end of the day, Craig and I both feel like we packed each and every box ourselves.  Thank goodness we did not, but we are exhausted.

On the upside of the day, I got to get up to an actual alarm clock this morning as opposed to waking to the cries of one of my children.  I made my way straight to the bathroom and got dressed and ready with no interruptions, then scooted myself out the door before either kiddo awoke.  Perhaps only fellow stay at home moms will recognize the luxury in this. I met Laurie for an early breakfast at Lola’s in Nixa.  I will miss semi-secret places like Lola’s.  Saying goodbye over yummy french toast makes it seem less sad somehow.  Then, mid-morning, Kristin and the girls came to visit.  They brought Carina her first official birthday present, our first official house warming gift, and also did us the favor of adopting all of our remaining refrigerated and frozen foods before they became orphaned by the unplugged refrigerator.  Craig’s favorite moment of the day was hearing Carina yell, “HI DADDY!” at him repeatedly from the second floor windows as he loaded boxes into his truck in the rain.

Laurie and Kristen were our last official goodbyes. It has been over a three month process in conceiving, considering, and conducting these goodbyes.  Initially, it was friends, family, our home, and our jobs that we knew would be difficult to give up, but our move has made me recognize and appreciate all the little things that make our day-to-day lives what they are.  I think this is especially true for me, because I have so many ties to this area, and because I spend most of my day living life through the eyes of an almost-two year old who I know will not remember one iota of the many great experiences we’ve had here.  The Feolas, The Summers, The Austins, The Newberrys, The Wneks, Kim C, Laurie, Paul, thank you so much for taking the time to spend “one last visit” with us.  We will miss you and look forward to our next visit.  So long greenways trails, the misty morning vista from the second floor landing at 3409 N. Fenwicke, the car-cart at Price Cutter, the door chime that tells us when daddy gets home each day, Craig’s favorite Mexican restaurant on the Ozark square, and the “tracto” (tractor) and big red “tuck” (truck) that we say hello to on our semi-daily walks. So, we’ve said our goodbyes, and the boxes are (mostly) packed, and tomorrow we’ll begin our journey southward, where we will commence with saying hello to a new home, career, friends, and the little things that will make our day-to-day lives something similar to what we have now, but a little different too.