Yesterday I asked Carina if she wanted to eat a snack before her nap.  She ignored me as she often does when she is off in Carina land doing whatever it is that toddlers do.  I asked her again, “Carina, do you want to eat?”  No reply.  Finally, I positioned myself in front of her and said, “Carina do you want a snack?  Are you hungry?”  She sucked in her bottom lip, gave a big, serious nod yes, and said, “Hungey”.  Voila.  A new word.  They are coming fast and furious these days.

Case in point.  After the nap and lunch yesterday, we took all my DCS office equipment back to the Center (goodbye trusty old computer of 6+ years!) and then played in the exhibit halls for a while.  After visiting the Bernoulli blower and the bubble machine, we visited the bees. (I just noticed that all of Carina’s favorite exhibits start with B!) We’ve been to the bees a couple times in the past month, and we’ve talked about what bees are and what they do, but I was still surprised when I asked Carina what bees make.  Clear as day she said, “Make HUN-e.”  The way she says it is so cute.

Today, we went to storytime with Robbyn and Nora.  Afterward, we went to walk a few laps at the mall, since the 107 degree heat index was a little much for the babies.  After our walk, we grabbed lunch at the food court, and then Robbyn and Nora headed home for nap time.  Luckily the clearance section of the toddler clothing called my name on my way back through Sears, because while I was foraging for good buys, Carina suddenly and frantically said, “Duck, Duck, Where are you!!!?”  “Duck” in this case, meant drink, and it was at this moment that I realized we no longer had her brand new, fairly expensive stainless steel sippy cup with us.  I ditched the clearance clothes and tore back through Sears to the food court.  Luckily, the janitorial lady directed me to where the table cleaning lady had set our lost sippy up on a support post to wait for our return.  Wew.  Good thing Carina missed her drink.