In our house, the ABCs have been replaced by the AB9s.  Carina is getting pretty good at singing the ABC song on a phonetic level, but when she is writing with pen and paper or on her magna-doodle, she says “A, B, nine, A, B, nine” over and over.  Nine has always been her favorite number, or at least since she learned to say it, so I guess it only makes sense that she would try to incorporate it into her ABCs.  She has also learned to give two thumbs up and say “Yay!” Drawing is one of her very favorite pass times.  She can draw circles, and differentiates between drawing and writing.  Drawing is a series of circles, scribbles and dot marks whereas writing is a straight line of continuous up and down strokes.  We are pretty impressed.  It is hard to believe that she is 23 months old today, and in just a month she will be TWO!

Speaking of growing children, we’ve begun to feed Callen cereal as part of our efforts to get him to sleep longer at night.  It seems to be working, as he is sleeping through from 9pm to at least 2 and sometimes 4am.  Craig had the honor of feeding him his first cereal.  Here’s a rather lengthy movie of his first bites.

It is getting really close to moving time.  We are excited, but are starting to feel the breeze as time wooshes past us.  Craig spent a good amount of time this weekend cleaning out the garage.  We haven’t had any bites on the house, but are hopeful a buyer will come along soon.

We also went to a surprise dinner that the Tooth Truck team planned for him at Zio’s.  They made a really wonderful scrapbook of his 6 years with the truck, and I think Craig was actually surprised.  It’s gatherings like this that make us realize how great our life here in Springfield has been, and how much we will miss everyone.

Farewell Dinner with the Tooth Truck Team and Families

Farewell Dinner with the Tooth Truck Team and Families