Okay, this post is about a week late, but finding a block of time long enough to write about our weekend in Little Rock is truly a challenge.

Last weekend (July 11-13) we took our last “go see” trip to Little Rock before we move.  It was the third trip for me, the fourth for Craig.  This time we had both kids in tow.  I will sum up the drive down by saying that we should have waited and left around 8pm so the kids would sleep.  Lesson learned.

This time we stayed at the Peabody hotel downtown, which is famous for its ducks. There are 5 teams of 5 ducks which rotate spending the day in the lobby fountain.  They ride down from their rooftop home in the elevator at 11:00am, walk a red carpet through the lobby, and waddle up some marble steps to plop themselves into their fancy puddle. At 5:00pm they do the same thing in reverse.  Carina got a real kick out of the ducks, and was dully impressed when she witnessed their evening march.  She was also given a chocolate duck when we checked out, so that pretty much sealed the deal for her.

Another great thing about the Peabody is that it is attached to the convention center.  Carina really enjoyed riding the escalator from the hotel down to the main convention center hallway, and then RRRUUUUNNNNNNing down the longest hallway she had ever seen.  I will sum up our nighttime experience at the Peabody by saying that it is not a restful experience to share a hotel room with two children, two cribs, and all their other stuff.  Lesson learned.

On Friday morning we met our Realtor at our new house to take some measurements and look over the things that had been fixed on the house as a result of the inspection report.  Everything looked great.  Of course, Craig has already started a list of projects he is looking forward to starting around the house.  Among the first will be some painting. Right now the whole house is a very boring tan color.  The rest of Friday was spent exploring the city.  Due to minimal amounts of sleep, Carina had her first ever official meltdown when we tried to eat dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger. We ended up getting our food to go and eating in a park.

On Saturday we started fresh and new with a good amount of sleep and a new agenda.  We tromped down the street to the Saturday morning farmers market at the Rivermarket pavilions, which was very crowded but fun.  From there we went to the bank and set up a checking account.  Then, it was time for real fun.  We went to WonderPlace, which is a hands-on fun place for kids ages 8 and under.  6000 square feet of stuff to play, pretend, and make messes with is Carina’s idea of heaven.  We will definitely be spending some time here after we move.  Among her favorites were the water table and shopping the market with daddy.  Callen had fun too, checking out the baby water table and enjoying a book with mommy in a cushion corner.  We played for two hours and had to drag Carina out of the place.  She immediately fell asleep in the car.  After lunch and a nap back at the hotel, we went to the Flying Fish (thanks for the recommendation, James!) to meet Dr. Koonce, who is the head dentist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  After that, we explored Burns Park in North Little Rock, which is by far the largest, most diverse park I’ve ever seen (complete with “funland”, a kiddie carnival). Finally, we went to the Purple Cow, which is already a family favorite for ice cream.  All the way there, Carina said, “Purple Cow, where are yooouuu?”

By the time we finished up at the Purple Cow, it was nearly 9:30, so we decided to apply the lesson learned from our trip down to Little Rock and go ahead and head home rather than waiting til morning.  The drive home was very quiet!  All in all, it was a very busy trip, but we felt successful in getting the things done we had come to do.  As with our other trips to LR, we were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered and are looking forward to making our new home there.