There has been an ongoing saga at our house involving children and beds.

Before Callen was born, we opted not to buy a second crib, assuming that Carina would transition from Crib to the toddler bed that Craig bought for her.  It has Dora the explorer sheets and everything.  But, as my 7th grade english teacher, Mrs. Kaeding, taught me, when you assume something, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.

Carina thinks that her toddler bed is a fun thing to play in, rip the sheets off of, and pretend to sleep in, but it is not for nightime sleep, or any actual sleep for that matter.  Meanwhile, Callen has no bed.

Thus began our search for a second crib.  We looked online, we looked at resale shops, we looked at Target and Walmart, we cruised Babies R Us on our recent trip to Little Rock.  We were needy, but picky at the same time. Neither of us wanted to spend more than $200 on a crib.  Craig felt it needed to be white to match the rest of our baby furniture.  I began to seek nocturnal solace in the idea that perhaps if Callen had an actual crib to sleep in, rather than his little vibrating baby seat, he would make better progress toward sleeping through the night.  Finally, we identified one last place that we had not looked for a crib:  K-Mart.  Craig found one (white) on K-Mart’s website that we both liked.  We ventured off to the local brick-and-mortar to see if they actually had one in stock.  Eureka.

Craig built the crib last night, and Carina and I outfitted it with all the accutrements (mobile, kickable keyboard thingy, mattress protector, sheet) this morning. At 11:30, I put half-asleep Callen in his crib with much trepidation, and steeled myself for the bumpy ride of sleep training a 4 month old who is generally an anti-sleeper.  I am more than thrilled to report relative success in our first attempt, as Callen was playing in his Crib when I began the process of putting Carina down for her nap, and was asleep when I finished.  He slept for about 45 minutes, which is a relatively long nap for him.  I’m sure I am much more excited about this than he is.

I hesitated to take a picture of Callen’s new bed to post here, as he is currently bunked in the “pink bedroom” while the oh-so-territorial Carina remains encamped in the green room.  The green room was intended to be the nursery, with Carina moving over to the pink room once Callen arrived, but with our move to Little Rock only a month away, we decided not to press the issue.  Anyhow, here is a pic of Callen’s new sleeping quarters.