It’s hard to believe, but Callen is 4 months old already!  His personality is really starting to show.  He is a very, very happy little man.  He may actually smile more than his sister did at this age, and that is really saying something!  He started rolling over, mostly back to front, on July 3rd.  He really just wants to get up and go like his big sister does.  We went to his 4 month check-up on July 8th, and Callen was 15lbs 4oz, 25 inches long (both 50th percentile).  His head, however, measured 17.5 inches, which is 95th percentile.  Carina’s head runs about the same, so I guess big-headedness is in the genes.

We were kind of sad at the Doctor’s office because it was our last visit before we move.  Dr. Graves is everyone’s doctor, except Craig, and we really appreciate her kind touch, good advice, and that she has chosen to focus her career on serving as faculty in a teaching clinic and serving patients that are primarily low-income families.

Callen was extra sad at the Doctor’s office because he had to get three shots.  He did relatively well though, he only cried briefly, yelled at the nurse a few times, and then was his normal happy self for the rest of the evening.  He actually slept from 10:30pm to 6:00am, which is the longest period of sleep that Mommy has gotten in the last 4 months!

When we went to pick Carina up from her parents day out program yesterday, a woman that we had never met before stopped us on the stairs and said, “oh, what a cute baby…is this Carina’s brother?  I can tell just by looking at him that he’s related to Carina.”  So, I guess there is something to the idea that the two Rechkemmer kiddos look quite alike.  We pulled up a picture of Carina when she was 4 months old for another side by side comparison.  Here it is:

Callen and Carina at 4 months

Callen and Carina at 4 months

What do you think?  Do our two big-headed babies favor one another?  Which parent do you think they look like more?  Leave us a comment and let us know!