This morning Craig gave Carina a bowl of “Apple Rings”, which is the off-brand version of Apple Jacks, for breakfast.  She responded to this with an exclamation of, “OOhhh, NICE!”, which is a statement she reserves for special things.  Apple Rings in the morning is a special thing because Mommy does not let her have them for breakfast.  Daddy does.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons why, at the ripe old age of 22 months, Carina has become quite the Daddy’s girl.  Other reasons could include the fact that Mommy is always around, while Daddy comes and goes.  Daddy wrestles more, gives better baths, and is defintely the more patient of the two of us.  Whatever the reason, Carina loves her daddy very, very much.

Just so we’re clear, this does not bother me one bit. It makes me happy to see how close Carina and Craig are – I think it actually makes me love them both a little more, if that’s possible. My heart swells when she clings to him in the morning, demanding one more hug before he leaves for work, and I’m happy to relinquish my duties when she demands that “Dadi” (pronounced like cacti) dress her, read to her, or free her from her high chair. I hope that Callen will be just as close with Craig.  I’m sure he will be.  Craig is the best daddy ever, after all.

Having a Daddy’s girl in the house does cause a few issues from time to time, though.  Every weekend when it is time to mow, Carina has a fit.  She cannot stand the torture of having to stay inside while Craig mows.  She runs from window to window crying and begging me for “ossite” (outside) and “opa” (open the door). Craig can’t mow while Carina is sleeping, because it will wake her up.  He’s tried mowing while she is playing in a different part of the yard, but she can’t help herself from wandering his way.  All of this is very traumatic for both of them.  I was worried last weekend when Craig took Carina outside to “get ready” to mow.  I stayed in and steeled myself for some serious antics when Craig brought Carina back inside so he could get started.  However, about 10 minutes later, I heard the mower start.  When I looked outside, here is what I saw:

I don’t know who was more pleased with this arrangement, Craig, Carina, or maybe even Mommy, since it meant an extra 20 minutes of quiet for her!