Well, as of today, there is officially one more Rechkemmer in the world.  I finally made a visit to the Social Security office and applied for my new social security card.  (For all you other Rechkemmers out there, I think Craig is  officially winning the race to spread the good name around…) 

There are lots of reasons why I had not yet changed my name from Warner to Rechkemmer up to this point.  The primary one is the loss of “self” I felt in changing my last name.  I felt I had accomplished some pretty cool things as Fawn Warner, and I didn’t want to just abandon her.  I also knew from experience that changing your name is a royal pain in the bo-hiney.  In addition to a trip to the social security office (and hanging out in the waiting room with a lovely sample of humanity), I’ve got to visit the DMV and the bank, call all the credit cards, change the title on anything I own, change my work email address and HR records, update insurance policies, etc, etc, etc… .  And it’s not that I don’t like the Rechkemmer name, but darn those Germans, they really like to make things hard to spell. 

And the reasons why I finally did change my name are these: 1) It’s starting to get confusing.  I’ve been flip-flopping between my two last names for the past two years, and it’s hard for me to remember who knows me as what name.  This applies to everyone from the bank to  restaurant reservations.  In addition, when you have two kids under age 2 with a last name that doesn’t match yours, you get funny looks (and glances at your wedding ring).  2) Since we’re moving to Little Rock, I get to update all my accounts, ids, etc anyway, so now was a good time to make the switch.  3) I’ve accomplished some pretty cool things while masquerading as Fawn Rechkemmer over the past couple years, so I figure I may as well legitimately get credit for them.

So, it might take me a while to get everything completely switched over, but I’m working on it.  In the meantime, you can still call me Fawn Warner if you want and I won’t be offended.  However, legally, my name is now “Fawn-with-an-F: no, like a baby deer Rechkemmer, yes I can spell it RE, CH, KE, MM, ER: no, CHKE”.