Today Craig and I purchased our first statuette of a patron saint.  Tomorrow we plan to bury him in our yard.  No, we’re not kidding, and we’re not catholic either.

Apparently St. Joseph (aka The Worker) is the patron saint of real estate. Craig informed me of this yesterday, and then sent me this article from  I consider BankRate to be a fairly professional financial website, so if they’re willing to put St. Joseph on their website, I’m willing to put him in my yard. 

The way this works is, you bury a small statue of him in your yard, feet pointing up, say St. Joseph’s prayer each day, and your house will sell amazingly fast.  After your success, you dig him up and put him in a prominent place in your new home.  The key is that you have to put your faith in St. Joseph, otherwise it won’t work.  My friend who is actually a catholic said it sounded more like blasphomy to her, and if we ended up in hell when we die, we would know why.  I think she was joking.  Anyhow, here is a picture of our St. Joseph home sellers kit:

realtor in a box