I’ve gotten a lot of this question, so here’s the detailed version of the story, if you’re interested.  I’ve also gotten a lot of other questions about our pending move which I’ll try to answer here.

Why Little Rock (LR)?  Well, Little Rock chose us more so than we chose it. Craig wasn’t looking for a new job per se.  Basically what happened is that some staff from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital came to visit the Tooth Truck to learn more about how the Springfield program is run in preparation for the mobile program they are starting.  It just turned out that things really clicked between the hospital staff and Craig, and ultimately, their offer was something we just could not say no to.

Honestly, prior to all of the “talks” that have gone on over the last few weeks, I did not have a good impression of Little Rock.  Craig and I had driven through LR on the way home from a triathalon a few years ago, and accidentally took ourselves on a tour of the south side.  Let’s just say we learned later that we were lucky we took our tour in daylight rather than at night.  However, when we went down to check it out as a result of the offer from the hospital, I was pleasantly surprised.  Little Rock is a lot like Springfield (as long as you stay out of the south side), just slightly larger, and seems to have a lot more to do.  Craig and I also both like the fact that it is more diverse there, the winters are very mild (GOODBYE ice storms!), and the community in general seems very eco-friendly.  It is the natural state after all.  In short, our visits have only made us more excited to move to this great new city and take advantage of all it has to offer.

And yes, of course we are sad to leave Springfield.  We will miss our friends and being so close to my family.  We will miss knowing all the cool little places to go around town and seeing familiar faces everywhere. Craig will miss the Tooth Truck and I will miss the Discovery Center. I am a little nervous to leave behind my entire support system and start over.  I know at first it will just be me and the kids each day…I hope they don’t gang up on me any worse than they already do.  AND we will miss our house that we spent umpteen bajillion hours on when we built it less than a year ago.  I sure hope whoever buys this house likes my green office, because it was a major ordeal to pick this particular color green.  BUT, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity for Craig.  He has worked hard to get to where he is now in the niche field of “mobile dentistry”, and he deserves to have the ability to move on to the next level (or levels, as the new position will really advance him in so many ways).

We are indeed under contract on a house in LR.  It is in the Woodlands Edge neighborhood, which we fell in love with for its protected greenbelts, miles of nature trails, creeks and a stocked fishing lake, playground and pool with “sprayground”, and a seeming abundance of families with children living there. The house is very open, which was a major requirement for us, and the back yard looks out onto forrest and a creek. AND it has an extra bedroom for visitors (hint, hint). Here are a couple pictures:

Living room with view to the woodsThe front of our new house

So, that’s the basics of why we’re headed south.  We’re excited, sad, and little anxious, but those of you who know us well know that we thrive on life-changing events.